Representation of Nationalism and Identity in the Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr


  • Saba Nasir
  • Husnat Ahmed
  • Muhammad Shakil ur Rehman



This research paper examines Martin Luthers renowned speeches ‘I have a dream’ and ‘I have been to the mountaintop’ from discourse analysis perspective. This articles deals with the elements of ideology and nationalism that may be embedded within these speeches. The research study analyses how it really resides on the grounds of Norman aircloughs three-dimensional model (1989). This study seeks to dissect speeches in order to identify language tools used by Luther by evaluating it on three dimensions:textual, discursive, and socio-political practices. It also serves as a backdrop for issues such as economic, cultural, and sociopolitical inequality.  This study contributes to the understanding of the numerous approaches in which King Luther may have expressed ideology and nationalism in his speeches.