Style in Fiction: A Stylistic Analysis of Overcoat by Ghulam Abbas


  • Mumtaz Hussain
  • Wasim Hassan Malik
  • Sabeeha Rehman



Stylistics uses methods of science of linguistics for textual interpretation. Language is a very important to stylisticians because diverse forms and levels that construct linguistic structure are vital index regarding textual function. The present study analyses a short story Overcoat (2014) written by Ghulam Abbas under the perspective of Leech and Short’s (2007) model of stylistic analysis. This model consists of four extensive categories. These categories are Lexical, Grammatical, Figures of Speech and Cohesion and Context. The basic idea that the selected short story contains is that we should judge people morally not materially as several people pose to be wealthy try to conceal their poverty and deprivation because elite class looks down upon them. The study reaches at the conclusion that the writer has skillfully dealt with the theme with a serene and restraint but effective language or style that is peculiar to him.



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Hussain, M. ., Malik, W. H. ., & Rehman, S. . (2022). Style in Fiction: A Stylistic Analysis of Overcoat by Ghulam Abbas. International Journal of Linguistics and Culture, 3(2), 95-107.