What to choose, Linguistics or Literature? - Analyzing the predicaments faced by university students of Okara district concerning their area of specialization


  • Waqar Mahmood Khan




Linguistics vs Literature, decision-making, Okara district, BS English, area of specialization, selecting the right career


Selecting the perfect area of specialization can be a vital step when one is pursuing a degree of BS or M.Phil. in English. This seems what an individual must aim to follow to assist them to get ahead in their professional life and career. One can regard it as a game changer or an important decision that a student needs to consider and it is at times difficult to identify as to which specific area best suits the needs and interests of a given learner. Students of BS and M.Phil. levels in English are perplexed either to opt for Linguistics or Literature as their area of specialization. In this regard, adequate and timely career planning/counseling is highly significant and is needed on an emergent basis to overcome the prevailing ambiguity among the students. Lack of career counseling is leading to numerous problems. The primary objective of this study has been to identify and highlight the lack of awareness among our students about their decision-making and career selection, which in turn possibly leads to numerous problems for the students in their career prospects. The studys respondents include the BS, M.Phil. English students from the Okara district of Pakistan’s Punjab. This study uses the quantitative paradigm with survey research being its research design. Data has been gathered through a Close-ended questionnaire. The sample from study respondents from an Okara-based university has been derived based on Convenience sampling. Data collected from the population was analyzed via Microsoft Excel and represented in bar diagrams. There must be courses of at least 2 or 3 credit hours on career selection and decision-making in our BS-level curriculum to combat the currentscenario of poor planning and decision-making in terms of career selection.