Practicing Dogme ELT Techniques to Improve Academic Essay Writing: An Evaluative Study of Learners’ Perception


  • Muhammad Amjad
  • Dr. Adnan Tahir
  • Dr. Zia Ahmed


Dogme ELT, Academic Essay Writing, Learners’ Feedback


Among the teaching approaches and methods that are currently used worldwide, Dogme ELT is a modern one that claims to show better results because of creating a natural learning environment. This action research was performed in order to examine the intermediate level learners’ feedback about Dogme ELT to improve essay writing skills. The data was collected after teaching through Dogme techniques and analyzed by applying mixed methods. The learners’ responses to motivational aspects of learning, their participation and performance in the class and the impacts of Dogme Pedagogy, recorded after Dogme ELT treatment, demonstrated that Dogme ELT techniques proved themselves very effective and successful in improving essay-writing skills. Many of the participants of this class wished to have been taught through such teaching-learning techniques from the very beginning. All these responses showed better learning outcomes by using Dogme Pedagogy to improve academic essay writing skills of intermediate level learners.