A Case of Multiple Identities in Globalized World of The Black Album


  • Zoobia Abbas
  • Dr. Zia Ahmed


colonialism, multiplicity, migrants, culture, Identity, globalization


 In this paper, it is debated that identity is more a matter of practicality than a philosophy in the colonial and postcolonial world. There is a detailed delineation on cultural as well as cross cultural identities, given to migrants living in a metropolis. The researcher has focused on transnational English Novel The Black Album written by Hanif Kureishi in 1995.  Philosophies and critical notions concerning hybridity and cultural globalization are focused and it is argued that migration is also a part of a transnational culture. The researcher through dominant discourses on culture and identity of globalized nations has explored the selected literary writing. The purpose is to find out whether English literature particularly literature writing on migrants are also dealing with same philosophies of identity or they are promoting diverse issues. The research has concluded that no doubt cultural purity is significant and essential to survive but, in a metropolis, where multiple nations are living, this cultural purity must be guarded with ambivalence when question of multiple identities arises. The research has explored different factors that are involved in globalization of different cultures and then promote cultural hybridity with an influence on identity of an individual, and community, or a culture.